No Limits! No Limits! Art Castle is the first art space in the Netherlands that stands for an art world without borders. No boundaries between so-called ‘outsider’ artists and the rest of the art world, not between art and design, not between day and night culture or fantasy and reality. Here you can view and buy art. And besides, it is a castle.

The area is part of Sexyland World, located at the river IJ in Amsterdam Noord. You can walk in from Wednesday to Sunday. No Limits! No Limits! Art Castle is open until midnight on weekends. There is always a host who can tell you more about the background of the art and the makers.

No Limits! Art Castle in SEXYLAND World
Noordwal 1
1021 PX Amsterdam

Wednesday 17.00 – 22.00
Thursday 17.00 – 22.00
Friday 17.00 – 00.00
Saturday 13.00 – 00.00
Sunday 13.00 – 22.00

Now on show

The Artist Sex Worker Artist Show

During The Artist Sex Worker Artist Show we focus on artists who both have a identity as an artist, but at the same time also identify as sex workers. In this show they can be artists and (former) sex workers at the same time, and they will investigate how these things go along together. Group exhibition with Xenia Klein, Levi Jacobs, Pennie Key, Vincent Riebeek & Máxima, Kaiden Ford and Jet Moon
31 August 2023


3 December 2023


The Great ArtBRUUT Exists For Ten Years -Show

artBRUUT has been around for 10 years! And we’re going to celebrate that big time. With a huge anniversary show at SEXYLAND World. With an exhibition throughout the building with the artists themselves, an exhibition tour, good music, crazy art auction, an artBRUUT shop, good food and much more exciting things!
8 December 2023


28 January 2024

Protest – s.t.a.t.e.l.e.s.s (Ahmad Mallah)

From December 8 we will show the exhibition ‘Protest’ by the Palestinian-Syrian queer artist s.t.a.t.e.l.e.s.s (Ahmad Mallah). Ahmad knows all too well what the consequences of war are for the civilians who fall victim to it, such as now for the civilians in Palestine. On the one hand, there is a protest that is simple and clear: the bombing of Palestine must stop and the Palestinians must receive emergency aid. That is why we sell works from the Lost & Never Found series and 100 euros from each sale goes directly to The Palestine Children Relief Fund.
8 December 2023


28 January 2024

ik en jij – Tina Farifteh

In ‘ik en jij’ (‘i and you’), Tina Farifteh examines a crucial question arising in conflict situations: Is there a way to continue to hear one another amidst suffering, dehumanisation, oppression, grief and heated emotions? In full realization of the vulnerabilities and the violence of this moment, Farifteh sets out to look for a different kind of dialogue, a voice other than ‘us versus them’.
8 December 2023


28 January 2024

Aquatic Fauna Research Lab (AFRL) Chapter Two: Adapting and Evolving – Anemoon Fokkinga & Rik Laging

At Art Rotterdam Anemoon Fokkinga & Rik Laging present a mysterious lab filled with research notes on marine biology. Showcasing extraordinary deep-sea creatures that didn’t succumb but adapted to a changing world, embracing plastic waste, radiation, and more.
1 February 2024


4 February 2024

Stormchasers – Joeri Woudstra en Hein Dingemans

Joeri Woudstra and Hein Dingemans have been collaborating for the past months, and continue to do so for their upcoming exhibition. They found each other in storm chasing: together they pursuit the most exciting clouds, and are working on a series of painted plasma balls depicting all kinds of weather phenomena.
9 February 2024


31 March 2024

LESS IS BORE – Johan Vanderschelden

This posthumous retrospective exhibition offers a glimpse into the work of Johan Vanderschelden: a collector pur sang who transforms his finds with pride and inexhaustible enthusiasm. A vibrant multitude from which the passion and genius of the artist speaks.
13 April 2024


23 June 2024


Workshopday The Artist Sex Worker Artist Show

Learn from our artists and other sexworkers/artists in a special workshop day in our castle, as part of the exhibition The Artist Sex Worker Artist Show
10 September 2023


10 September 2023

No Limits goes to M HKA: Museum Spelen

Outside of the castle walls, No Limits! Art Castle is appearing in M HKA in antwerp as part of the exhibition Museum Spelen, an exhibition that is curated by children in collaboration with De Studio, which brings a very playful and interactive experience to the space. No Limits! Art Castle has a special section right in the middle of the museum.
10 June 2023


17 September 2023