No Limits! Art Castle is the first art space in the Netherlands that stands for an art world without borders. No boundaries between so-called ‘outsider’ artists and the rest of the art world, not between art and design, not between day and night culture or fantasy and reality. Here you can view and buy art. And besides, it is a castle.

The area is part of Sexyland World, located at the river IJ in Amsterdam Noord. You can walk in from Wednesday to Sunday. No Limits! No Limits! Art Castle is open until midnight on weekends. There is always a host who can tell you more about the background of the art and the makers.

No Limits! Art Castle
Noordwal 1
1021 PX Amsterdam

Wednesday 16.00 – 22.00
Thursday 16.00 – 22.00
Friday 16.00 – 00.00
Saturday 13.00 – 00.00
Sunday 13.00 – 22.00

Now on show

ALIEN – Zinderin Kunst X Shani Leseman X Tommy Smits

The exhibition ALIEN shows the results of a collaboration between artists Tommy Smits and Shani Leseman with artist from Zinderin Kunst: Mo Ameziane, Ellen Brinkman, Dyon Faber, Laurens Gabriël, Dustin Hofman, Liliane Jansen, Lonneke Klinkenberg, Bassam Mosa, Cyril Rosebel, and Alex van Waveren.
5 July 2024


22 September 2024

We Need New Superstars – The One Minutes

A selection of 20 videos, each exactly 1 minute long and showcasing a wide range of superstars, is continuously shown in our mini cinema. This series embraces a diverse array of identities, bodies, and minds, advocating for the recognition of new superstars, including neurodiverse superstars, disabled superstars, plus-size superstars, sex worker superstars, homeless superstars, and animal superstars. The presentation of One Minutes in SEXYLAND World takes place in a unique installation by French-Dutch visual artist Hugo Béhérégaray. Hugo creates portable, performative, and interactive cardboard sculptures, which in this case serve as a movie screen and comfortable seating. This creative and inviting environment offers a meeting point where visitors can experience the remarkable videos.
5 July 2024


22 September 2024

Pioneering Ceramics – Museum Prinsenhof Delft

Pioneering Ceramics places masterpieces from the collection of Museum Prinsenhof Delft side by side with the work of contemporary makers. An exciting dialogue and exceptional insights are the result. For while the basic formula for ceramics has remained the same, the world to which makers are responding has changed profoundly. Pioneering Ceramics presents multiple points of view and narratives, and invites visitors to look at the past from a contemporary perspective. The exhibition Pioneering Ceramics concludes with a presentation by No Limits! Art Castle in which the works of four pioneering makers come together. In the annually recurring exhibition ‘The Great Ceramics Show’, No Limits! Art Castle brings together artists with and without disabilities to express themselves with ceramics in complete freedom. On the occasion of Pioneering Ceramics, The Great Ceramics Show has come to the Museum Prinsenhof Delft in a smaller format.
16 February 2024


8 September 2024



Boujloud is an Islamic/indigenous ritual stemming from an ancient legend that follows the sacrifice of a sheep during Eid al-Kebir. This fabulous creature, half human and half beast, embodies divine punishment and parades as a masked, non-binary diva through the streets of southern Morocco. Boujloud groans, sings, and ignores all rules.
4 October 2024


27 December 2024


Aquatic Fauna Research Lab (A.F.R.L.) Chapter 2: Adapting and Evolving – Anemoon on Fire & Rik Laging

At Art Rotterdam Anemoon on Fire & Rik Laging presented a mysterious lab filled with research notes on marine biology. Showcasing extraordinary deep-sea creatures that didn’t succumb but adapted to a changing world, embracing plastic waste, radiation, and more.
1 February 2024


4 February 2024

Castlemania: LESS IS BORE – Johan Vanderschelden

This posthumous retrospective exhibition offers a glimpse into the work of Johan Vanderschelden: a collector pur sang who transformed his finds with pride and inexhaustible enthusiasm. A vibrant multitude from which the passion and genius of the artist speaks.
13 April 2024


23 June 2024