No Limits! No Limits! Art Castle is the first art space in the Netherlands that stands for an art world without borders. No boundaries between so-called ‘outsider’ artists and the rest of the art world, not between art and design, not between day and night culture or fantasy and reality. Here you can view and buy art. And besides, it is a castle.

The area is part of Sexyland World, located at the river IJ in Amsterdam Noord. You can walk in from Wednesday to Sunday. No Limits! No Limits! Art Castle is open until midnight on weekends. There is always a host who can tell you more about the background of the art and the makers.

No Limits! Art Castle in SEXYLAND World
Noordwal 1
1021 PX Amsterdam

Wednesday 17.00 – 22.00
Thursday 17.00 – 22.00
Friday 17.00 – 00.00
Saturday 13.00 – 00.00
Sunday 13.00 – 22.00

Now on show

The Artist Sex Worker Artist Show

During The Artist Sex Worker Artist Show we focus on artists who both have a identity as an artist, but at the same time also identify as sex workers. In this show they can be artists and (former) sex workers at the same time, and they will investigate how these things go along together. Group exhibition with Xenia Klein, Levi Jacobs, Pennie Key, Vincent Riebeek & Máxima, Kaiden Ford and Jet Moon
31 August 2023


3 December 2023


LESS IS BORE – Johan Vanderschelden

This posthumous retrospective exhibition offers a glimpse into the work of Johan Vanderschelden: a collector pur sang who transforms his finds with pride and inexhaustible enthusiasm. A vibrant multitude from which the passion and genius of the artist speaks.
19 October 2023


3 December 2023


REMEMBER CULTURE – Saaber Bachir & Edouardo Della Faille

Outsiderland presents ‘Remember Culture’, a poetic one work show by Saaber Bachir and Edouardo Della Faille. Joining their poetic forces in an exclusively made video work for the first time, the artists, connected through their work at Atelier Indigo in Brussels, pay a heartfelt tribute to- and deliver a strong message about – freedom and the almost sacred necessity of art and culture. Here, you will get the chance to worship art like it should be and travel while remaining static. This mini show will suck you right into a world where you can run free like a wild horse and absorb all the art in the world along the way, without any boundaries.
29 January 2022


10 March 2022

The Great Ceramics Show 2

Every year Outsiderland organises ‘The Great Ceramics Show’ where we show the most exuberant ceramics by the most diverse makers. We show artists with a Mental Superpower (if you have down syndrome for example), young upcoming artists from different countries and makers whose work is already in many fancy art collections.
21 April 2022


22 May 2022