70 % – Gijs Frieling & Titia Frieling

13 April 2023


21 May 2023
Sexyland World
The exhibition 70% shows the work of Gijs Frieling (1966) with his mother Titia Frieling (1944). No Limits! Art Castle is transformed into a dollhouse on a human scale.

The veneer on the walls, the carpets, windows and doors are painted life-size with egg tempera. The house is decorated with the embroideries of Titia and her friends. 70% offers a roof to art that was hardly shown in the institutional art world for a long time, because it was produced at the kitchen table in the evenings, between work and household.

70% celebrates the Sunday painter and the free stitch, in several generations of Frieling. The exhibition is the second part of the collaboration between Nest and No Limits! Art Castle. After the opening of The Grand Palace of Everyone at Nest, Nest will visit No Limits for 70%! Art Castle in Amsterdam.

Read here more about the expo in Het Parool (in dutch)