Bewitched Clothing

12 August 2022


11 September 2022
Sexyland World
In Bewitched Clothing, curated by Mexican curator César González-Aguirre, No Limits! Art Castle showed work by three duos of Mexican artists. Each duo consists of individuals from different generations who share a history in terms of how they went about constructing their own rebellious identities. One group consists of trans women over the age of fifty and the other of non-binary people under thirty. Bringing together these diverse crowds was meant to go against the grain of contemporary practice defined by individualism and profitability. In this sense, the artists see collaboration as a means of perceiving the other’s inner world within the outer world they share, and conceive art as a hub to address the past from the perspective of desire, fiction and ambiguity.

The artworks shown are made for people who have been important to the artists. The show celebrates and honors the lives of trans women and gender nonconforming people who have died of AIDS in Mexico since the 1980s, and aims to further the work begun in 1987 by the “NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt” in San Francisco, and by Colectivo Sol in Mexico City as of 1990. The goal is to keep compiling a visual trans/queer history, using autobiographical storytelling, embroidery and patchwork as characteristic tools of artivism and transfeminism.