4 October 2024


27 December 2024
Sexyland World
Boujloud is an Islamic/indigenous ritual stemming from an ancient legend that follows the sacrifice of a sheep during Eid al-Kebir. This fabulous creature, half human and half beast, embodies divine punishment and parades as a masked, non-binary diva through the streets of southern Morocco. Boujloud groans, sings, and ignores all rules.

Today, Boujloud in Agadir is transformed into the ultimate spectacle of self-expression. Young people create dazzling outfits, wear traditional jewelry, and have their faces painted for the gods. They’re serving “DRAG”! This visual art form challenges heteronormative norms and brings new, unprecedented roles and identities into the spotlight. This ritual provides a platform and celebrates communities that struggle to find their place elsewhere. Through costuming, they gain anonymity as a stage to find acceptance where it is normally not possible.


Who is the master of the skin today? Who switches better between identities and has the best drip? The queens of multi-layered fabulosity – YOU GUESSED IT, THE QUEERS!!!!

The Boujloud exhibition builds on the themes of this parade. These themes are explored by artists such as Sarjon, Imad Zoukanni, DJ Cheb Runner, Hussein Shikha, and others. These artists relate to both the S.W.A.N.A. identity and/or the queer community. How can art occupy a space where supposedly conflicting identities can come together fluidly?