Castlemania: Burn Them All – Jordan Roger

13 April 2024


23 June 2024
Sexyland World
Jordan Roger is an artist who graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des beaux-arts de Bourges. His last name is intentionally crossed out. Due to his attraction to men, he is excluded from his family. His Jehovah’s Witness parents refuse to accept him for who he is. Since then, Roger has been driven by a violent and fiery anger that he directs towards all forms of exclusion, discrimination, and oppression. He clearly stands for his personal struggle and the struggle of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Burn Them All series consists of fairy-tale castles made of ceramics. Like a construction set, approximately a hundred elements are modeled, glazed, and assembled. The shapes of the castles and the soft colors are reminiscent of the Disney universe, which the artist critically opposes. He has been investigating the role of gender stereotypes in cartoons and films ever since he was in university. His sculptures reminds us of the lies told in fairy tales, where individuals can only be happily married if they conform to heteropatriarchal norms. Others are made invisible, marginalized, and excluded.

Burn Them All is a response to the introduction of the Don’t Say Gay law in the state of Florida. This law prohibits teaching topics related to sexual orientation in elementary schools.

The castle symbolizes the power that needs to be set on fire. The burning castle signifies the death of the oppressive order, the end of illusions, and the need to reclaim the narrative. We must build new castles with our own hands and imagine other stories and societies that are decisively more inclusive and joyful.

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