No Limits! Art Castle at Dutch Design Week

21 October 2023


29 October 2023
Dutch Design Week Eindhoven
For a year and a half we were part of Innovatielabs, an initiative by Creative Industries Fund NL and CLICKNL. Researcher Stefanie van Zal has been following four of the collaborations we set up to assess what works well and what doesn’t. The aim of this research was not only to gain insights into the effective factors of these collaborations but also to share these lessons with the rest of the cultural sector. Starting from October 21st, we presented the results of this research at the Dutch Design Week. During this event, we also showcased the work of Anemoon On Fire and Rik Laging: Aquatic Fauna Research Lab (A.F.R.L) Chapter I: Glowing and Growing. Anemoon and Rik have been collaborating for a long time and presented a mysterious laboratory at DDW, featuring extraordinary deep-sea creatures that didn’t succumb but adapted to a changing world, along with plastic waste, radiation, and more.

Click below for the research article by Stefanie van Zal and Rick Kwekkeboom (in Dutch):

Kunst Inclusief

And click here to read the essay by  Stefanie van Zal (in Dutch):

Radicale Verbeelding