ik en jij – Tina Farifteh

8 December 2023


28 January 2024
Sexyland World
In ‘ik en jij’ (‘i and you’), Tina Farifteh examines a crucial question arising in conflict situations: Is there a way to continue to hear one another amidst suffering, dehumanisation, oppression, grief and heated emotions? In full realization of the vulnerabilities and the violence of this moment, Farifteh sets out to look for a different kind of dialogue, a voice other than ‘us versus them’.

What is happening in Israel and Palestine and the discourse in the Netherlands  about this violence, worries Farifteh enormously. The ramifications there and here, in all of us, are huge. She is terrified for the people there, and for the people here. Worried about how we see one another; whether we can still hear one another.  

But she is also worried by the immense and growing disconnect between the  voices of the people and the actions of their political leaders – here, and there. And the disillusionment, desolation and despair this fuels.  

To keep seeing and hearing one another, the artist created a telephone booth where you can share your feelings and  thoughts anonymously. This is an attempt to facilitate a delayed conversation.  One in which we can share and listen, but can’t interrupt or immediately react. The voices are stripped of identity or background.  

You can talk, whisper, scream, cry, pray or be silent.
You can remember. Or hope. Ask questions. Wonder aloud.
You can tell me, or address someone else. Or speak into the void.
You are also invited to listen.