I don’t think I’ll stay here long – Yaroslava Krutova & Jana Romanova

14 September 2022


30 October 2022
Sexyland World
I Don’t Think I’ll Stay Here Long tells the stories of women who fled Ukraine due to the Russian invasion in February 2022 and are currently hosted by families across the Netherlands. In a three-channel installation, actress Ewa (Yarasolva Krutova) performs a series of monologues on behalf of these women, detailing their efforts to find common ground and learn how to live alongside strangers in spite of their cultural differences. The project brings together complex narratives about loneliness and togetherness; kindness and cultural clichés; humour and sorrow; but also the hope to call a place home again.

I Don’t Think I’ll Stay Here Long is a collaboration between actress and performance artist Ewa (Yaroslava Krutova) who arrived in the Netherlands from Ukraine in March 2022, and lens-based artist Jana Romanova who came to the Netherlands from Russia in 2019.


The project was produced and presented at No Limits! Art Castle, with informational support from FOTODOK.