No Limits goes to M HKA: Museum Spelen

10 June 2023


17 September 2023
M HKA, Antwerp
Outside of the castle walls, No Limits! Art Castle is appearing in M HKA in antwerp as part of the exhibition Museum Spelen, an exhibition that is curated by children in collaboration with De Studio, which brings a very playful and interactive experience to the space. No Limits! Art Castle has a special section right in the middle of the museum.

Museum Spelen is a unique museum experience for and by children, organized by art house De Studio at M HKA. Together with a class of 9-year-olds, curator Marc Verstappen of De Studio delved into the M HKA’s collection. They questioned the laws of the museum and our relationship to art. The children chose artworks that triggered their imagination or stimulated their senses. The result? An interactive and playful art experience for anyone who feels young. (translated from:

At M HKA, No Limits! Art Castle is exhibiting works by Jan Hoek, Bruin Jackson, Aàdesokan, Yasmine van Haesebroucke, Saman Khoshgbari, Joey Bocciardo, Fenna Miedema, Nancy Keizer, Jessica van Halteren, Georgy Dendoe, Tirino Yspol, Bas Kosters, Ayse Somuncu, Kasbah Kosmic, Bonne Suits, Sijtse Keur, Norbert de Jong, Alexxx, Hans Klastat, Minke de Fonkert, Antoine Monod de Froideville en Brenda van Vliet.