ALIEN – Zinderin X Shani Leseman X Tommy Smits

5 July 2024


22 September 2024
Sexyland World
The exhibition ALIEN shows the results of a collaboration between artists Tommy Smits and Shani Leseman with artist from atelier Zinderin: Mo Ameziane, Ellen Brinkman, Dyon Faber, Laurens Gabriƫl, Dustin Hofman, Liliane Jansen, Lonneke Klinkenberg, Bassam Mosa, Cyril Rosebel, and Alex van Waveren.

They have been making ceramic works while thinking and talking about aliens and outer space. They collaboratively made a series of ceramic alien heads. The Alien can be seen as the ultimate Other: one who exists outside of their subjective bubble and is perceived as different from oneself or one’s own group. To encounter an Other makes you question your own patterns, behaviors, and what you think is normal. They went from being alienated to being acquainted with each other’s process and ideas, about aliens but also about art and making it. The exhibition space will function as a UFO where their explorations on this big mystery are to be seen.

Image: Presentation of Iris, Tommy, Laurens, and Shani at Nest in 2023