The Great ArtBRUUT Exists For Ten Years -Show

8 December 2023


28 January 2024
Sexyland World
artBRUUT has been around for 10 years! And we’re going to celebrate that big time. With a huge anniversary show at SEXYLAND World. With an exhibition throughout the building with the artists themselves, an exhibition tour, good music, crazy art auction, an artBRUUT shop, good food and much more exciting things!


artBRUUT is a project in which talented artists from the Makom drop-in center (from The Rainbow Group) through workshops inspired by established Amsterdam artists. The result, made by Makom and various artists, can be seen in this exhibition. All work is for sale and the proceeds fully benefit project artBRUUT in the Makom art suite.

Participating  artists:
Kristafari (in Memoriam), Jul6, Adonis Dikosmoy, Christiaan de Vries, David, Alexxx, Tatiana Khrapovitskaia, Hans Klastat, Joshua van Erven, Frank Das, Hans Klaassen, Tatjana Das, Taj Devi, Nirvana, Wil Lake, Lehel Dispatch, Juan Carlos Badia Cabero, Frank Das, Sabine Dorweiler, Rolf, VandeVen – Pham, Thera, Rens, Rini Brakkee, Jacques Tange, Simon Wald-Lasowski, Bortusk Leer, Carmen Schabracq, Felicia von Zweigbergk, S.T.A.T.E.L.E.S.S., Kiki Weerts, Mika, Jacky, Jan Hoek, Rika Maja Duevel and Farida Sedoc.