The Great Ceramics Show 1

21 May 2021


26 June 2021
Sexyland World
No Limits! Art Castle opened in 2021 with The Great Ceramics Show, in which a group of the most diverse artists showed ceramics that doesn’t follow any rules. There were ceramic alien bags by Naomi Gilon from Brussels, both Viresh Palti and Wildbarz made sneakers from clay and Bastienne Kramer showed voluptuous female figures. In addition, there was a leading role for the ceramics that came from Bijzonder Amsterdams, which is a walking distance away from Sexyland World, where people with disabilities show how unlimited they are in their creativity. From studio de Wijde Doelen in Utrecht we showed work full of alien castles and protective dragons by Chris Weijers and Jessica Magnin. The show let you see that in the world of ceramics, artists from both the “outsider” art world and the ‘’mainstream” art world are all equally unique and talented.