work-disability-sexuality-WORKSHOP Jet Moon

19 September 2023


19 September 2023
Work-disability-sexuality-WORKSHOP by Artist Jet Moon. On Tuesday the 19th of September this workshop/talk/interaction takes place online via Zoom, 8pm-9pm CET The workshop is free, reserve by sending an email with your name and the name of the workshop to

Jet Moon will speak about the interwoven topics of work, disability and sexuality. Their experience of living in various worlds and identities at one time: sex worker, less/visibly disabled person, kinky Crip, genderqueer Dyke; and the complex relationships between these overlapping worlds. Special xxx edition, Jet tells about their 24/7 relationship with Capitalism and the state. Featuring readings from the text ‘Hello Sir’, theory and context behind Jet’s short film of the same name. You are invited to come to this online event dressed to impress, bring your best look. Cameo spotlights for glamour, dungeon outfits, and cute queerness. Make a drawing or write a couple of sentences to tell about your own relationship with disability/sex/work or some place in between.